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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Some blog recommendations

Blogs I really enjoy reading and think you might too, or that are at least worth you taking a look at. I'll explain why I think said blogs are worth reading, so you can gain some idea as to whether you want to check them out or not. I'm not doing this simply as a favour to other bloggers, nor am I expecting such recommendations about my blog in return, but to you, my followers, and others who may wander onto my blog, I am giving you the chance to gain a glimpse into yet more minds (:

(Please note that these are not in any order, they all have their merit for different reasons and thus are not justly comparable to one another.)

#1. Paper Cranes & Paper Smiles, the blog of Car Crash Hearts. Her name is derived from lyrics of her favourite band, Fall Out Boy. Although she is indeed a friend of mine, I sincerely believe her blog is worth a look, and following. For those of you who think I am a competent writer, her talent far outshines mine. While I for the most part limit myself to prose, and you can check out why by taking a look at the posts under the category "bad poetry", she can write great prose, free verse, poetry; she is currently writing lyrics for a mutual friend's band to already composed music. I'm lucky enough to have had a song written about me by her, something I find to be highly flattering.
I love her writing in general, while sometimes, abstract, shall we say, it is always poetic, if not always making obvious sense. But only in the best way!
She is nothing if not brutally honest, emotive and heartfelt in her writings. Trust me, not as her friend, but as a fellow writer, this 17 year old has maaaajor talent. So go find out for yourself. (:

#2. Comic Book Superzero by Phil
While Phil doesn't post often, or maybe that's just by my insane standards of once daily, as a minimum; what he does write is highly entertaining, with stories of random funny events in his life, for the most part. And of course, the lower the number of posts, the easier it is to not miss anything. It's great for a laugh, well written, and makes my day to read. He comments and follows too (:

#3. Diary of an Old Fart by Mulled Wine. I've recommended this before, so merely copy pasting recommendation, and probs deleting that singular post...
It was titled Never Judge a Book By its Cover

Okay, while there is some merit in the old phrase, we do tend to pick up books with covers that catch our eye.
But when it comes to this blog, definitely don't make the mistake of judging it by its title...
"Diary of an Old Fart" is the blog of a 64 year old (i think?) man and is a brief account of events in his day to day life...
While the title isn't the most flattering, he writes in a quirky, thoroughly entertaining and at times, thought provoking way; never going on too long, as I am continuously guilty of.
There is a lot of reflection and it's an insightful look into his life, I enjoy reading it, and part of the attraction is that it takes so little time, I can read it quickly and still get a lot out of those few paragraphs.
It's touching.
I love it, you have got to read it for yourself! (:

#4.Do You Hate It Too> by Michael.
Do You Hate It Too is a blog where Michael writes about all the different things in life that he finds frustrating, from Turnstiles to Crocs [the shoes] to people's reactions to different things. It's entertaining reading, at least, and slightly thought provoking at best, as we consider how our actions may impact others. At first it irritated me how many complaints he had, but now I find it amusing and interesting even when I don't find the action or object in question to be irritating.

#6. Graze If You Want To, But Don't Eat Dirt by Crazy Sister
"Crazy Sister" is an Australian mum of two young children, and her posts about her children and daily life are entertaining and amusing.

#7. Swing Life Away by LittleJ
This is a new blog but I like it, its poetic and most of the posts are named after colours and describing why the day is like that colour. It's great [I'm saying that too much this post aren't I?] (:

#8. Where the blog are you? for all those Aussie bloggers out there. Yay we have a community (:

#9. My Pointless
The funniest true stories of the dumb things people do

#10. Your Beard Is Good
Funny Indian Guy

#11. Surviving Myself
He's funny

#12. Pearl, Why You Little...
Just do it

#13. Keep Believing
Truly inspiring. The wife of a man who has been dying of terminal cancer for years. He has only recently passed away. Her story.

#14. Baking With Plath
Hilarious. Like a female, non Indian version of Rs27 or whatever from Your Beard Is Good

#15. I Need A Martini Mom
Funniest Kindergarten Teacher, Mother, and Wife ever, but also sweet.

#16. Confessions of a Twenty Something Year Old
22 yr old Cheryl. She's funyn

#17. No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Absolutely hilarious, you have to check this out


  1. Aww thank you for the love!

    And I will definitely check out all these blogs as soon as I'm done with the blogs I'm following. I disappear for a day and there are about 32,000 new posts.

    Oh well, at least we bought his suit and my wedding dress :-D

  2. you're welcome (:


    haha I know, I think I might almost be following too many blogs =/ But they're all so much fun to read!

    Oh yay! Has he seen your dress? You must put up lots of photos and write about all the lead up plus the wedding itself!
    Oh and are you going to have a honeymoon or is the week or so back in your hometown... Laketown I think you called it? I forget, anyway is that enough of a honey moon for you? lol

    i hope you subscribe to follow up comments ;P

  3. I do subscribe. I'm a comment whore!

    I actually ordered the dress online. It's similar to the one I tried on when I was shopping with a friend for her friend. It's the same designer and similar style.
    I'm having it shipped to my mom who will have a seamstress ready for me. I'll post a pic on my blog when I do a weddingy post.

    No honeymoon. We haven't seen our families and friends since the summer so we will spend those few days after the wedding with them.
    And we are always traveling somewhere so we will do that after we come back.

    Thanks for being so interested in all this wedding mumbo jumbo

  4. haha yay for comment whores. i always mean to subscribe but mostly forget :S

    I will get there! I'm used to MySpace having a reply function so if something is addressed to you, it will definitely get to you... sigh I spend wayy too much time on MySpace lol.

    okay, cool (: well that comes in handy if you've already tried it on (:

    ohkay, well maybe travel down to Australia sometime (: I don't know if you'd like it, but I definitely do ;P
    Adelaide isn't great for visiting though lol, but ehh Queensland. Queensland's all the beaches, the great barrier reef, theme parks etc. And Tassie is great for natural beauty with forests and all that. And the Cadbury chocolate factory (:
    Haven't been to Sydney, Alice Springs is interesting if you're not so into touristy places, it's Outback and desert and Uluru blah blah. i liked it, we went there for a school music tour, but you'd probably need to know people to have fun rather than do what few tourist things they may have. Actually they might have a lot of touristy things, I'm not sure, but I like the whole non tourist experience, seeing what it's like from a local's point of view... Can't remember the term from that although I did do Tourism as a subject... ehh you get the drift.
    Perth is beaches again, Melbourne is.. idk it's mainly where Adelaideans would go for a shopping holiday, Adelaide's pretty small for a capital city. Not that we don't have shops lol, but Melbourne has a lot.
    Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, waste of time. ;P
    And now to end my impromptu spruiking for the Australian tourism industry, all said and done, it's a great place to visit.
    Did I just say that? =/
    I wouldn't even know because I live here, but yeah it's great. And highly irrelevant lol.

    haha it's interesting, sort of a shotgun wedding but really not. And there's so much effort and planning usually put into weddings, not to mention stress. So it's kindah unconventional as I'm sure you're aware ;P And I'm interested as to how it turns out (: It will probably be much more fun working out all the problems than having planned it all far in advance and worrying about every little detail.
    Although, I suppose your mothers are doing that in fast forward ;P
    It seems like fun anyway (:

  5. geesh you should get an award from the tourist board! I've actually always wanted to visit Australia. My parents' friend was a consul in Melbourne for 4 years and they visited him and loved it.
    But right now we are using up all our vacation days. Well, I don't give a damn about ditching work but Fiance has a thing called conscience. And work ethics.
    Living so far from family and friends means we use our vacation days to visit them or act as tour guides when they visit.

    I don't do myspace, I'm a facebook kind of gal.

  6. hahah mmm for sure ;P
    well in that case, definitely set it aside for sometime in the future...
    haha work ethics, I had those once. What does your fiance do? If I retained information, I'm sure I would know, or have a fair idea, from your blog. I'm still meaning to go back and read more of your older posts...
    Where do you live, if that's not too curious? As in the general area in America, not suburbs or anything ;P
    And I have been wondering this, although I never know how to phrase this question... Feel free to not answer any of my questions ;P
    But what is your heritage? I know you are originally from a communist country, so my two major options are Russia or China. But that's just stereotypical =/

    Oh I have Facebook too, I used to hate it but during a self imposed MySpace ban for 3 weeks, I resorted to using it in order to keep in contact with people ;P So I use it fairly regularly these days, although I'm not it's biggest fan. You can add me if you want... um if you can search me by email it's larissa.writes.love@hotmail.com
    i think. it may be my other email... /shrugs
    or you can search my name Larissa Rodrigues in the Australia network...
    I don't really get the Facebook thing entirely yet but I'm sure one day I'll work it all out... When I get around to it...

  7. Wow, two interviews in one day! LOL
    Fiance is a researcher in the genetics field. don't worry, I have no idea what that is either.
    I'm from Croatia, that's a mediterranean country, a part of ex Yugoslavia. And that's where the two of us are now.
    In the US I'm 'from' Oregon. Laketown is a made up name, just like every other on my blog.

    Don't get this wrong, I really do love you, but my facebook is for family and friends. I put pictures and it helps them know what we are up to. I'm not comfortable with stepping out of the blog anonymity yet. When I do you will be the first one I add!

    What about you? What do you do in life?

  8. haha okay... ugh not a fan of science. ;P
    Oh okay. Yeah don't really know much about it lol. I was pretty sure Laketown was made up (:
    Which is good for me because I'm usually the most clueless person ;P

    Oh, that's completely fine. (: That makes perfect sense. I only attempt to make my blog anonymous so certain people I already know can't find out who I am; in my mind if someone knows me by my blog and doesn't think negatively of me because of it, then it's okay for them to see who i am on a more day to day level. Although my blog is more personal than my Facebook / MySpace etc. But for everyday conversation and such, I'm sure you understand the point I am trying to make lol.

    And as for keeping my blog anonymous, I'm not doing so well at that, as I had my blog on private previously I didn't worry about names. Now that it's public, which is how I prefer it, I'm thinking of going through and giving people fictional names and such, but I'm not quite that motivated. And then I keep forgetting to make any ongoing posts anonymous like that too... I'm sure I'll improve with practice..

    I'm a high school student, I'm in my final year starting at the end of January next year. For now, I'm on Christmas holidays, wishing I had a part time job so I could have some spending money... I've applied for heaps of jobs but nothing has come through yet.

    And I want to be a nurse and author. That's basically it (:

  9. Thank you so much, and I'm sure LittleJ thanks you too. Actually, hers is way more refined and well-written than mine. My blogs are silly.

    You know, besides Phil, I haven't seen any other young male bloggers. I should find more of those...


  10. Sorry for the convo pause, we were having dinner.
    I somehow thought you were older. Blogging is a great exercise if you want to be an author!

  11. Oh, that's okay, sorry for my even later reply, it got to 5.22 in the morning so I thought I should get some sleep ;P
    Oh okay =/ Yeah, well I definitely enjoy it (:

  12. Michael, I have a friend who blogs, he's 15 or something, but I think his blog is on private =/
    and yeah I don't know any other young male bloggers either

  13. Thanks for the mention (although my head just says "you're a terrible liar")
    I miss you.