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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ze Cast

Here is basic information about some of the people who feature in my life and thus my blog, so you have a better idea of what's happening in my life...

Me- Just some basics you should know. I used to hurt myself on purpose. Most people call it self harm. Never again. However, I still find it hard not to at times. Final year of school, year 12, at a crappy public school. Aiming for Uni next year, Nursing / Occupational Therapy / God knows what. I'm not really sure yet. Can't think of any other background you should know so far,

The Best Friends

- The Ex Best Friend. I miss him, a lot; I don't even know what the hell happened between us but it went wrong. We spent a lot of time together until we stopped being friends, but we're now talking again, a bit. I used to like him, before we were best friends, and maybe even for some of that time too, I've never really been sure, but there was never any chance of us being any more than friends. We've started talking again recently, but not a lot. I'd do anything for him. [JRLB.]

- The other Two. Rainbow Brite and Little Miss Sunshine. My best friends ever, who I screwed everything up with last year, for many stupid reasons. It's important that you understand this about the whole situation. Again, I'd do anything for them. Never had best friends so amazing.

Justin - 27, Youth Worker, married, have known him for just over two years. Everyone who knows him loves him, he is really sweet, funny, easy to get along with; you can easily tell him everything about yourself within a few days of knowing him. He's amazing, is great for conversation, caring. Loves skateboarding, graffiti art. I want to end up with a guy who is something like him. Oh, and I know him through a church thing.

Chip, or Lingu (T9 suggestion) - Le boyfriend. We've had a thing for wayy too long but actually got together a few months ago now. He's also Indian, but we're still good friends (I'm not really keen on associating with other Indian people, even though I don't consider myself to be Indian). Really smart, wants to be a Pharmacist for god knows what reason... Currently at University, first year Pharmacy. We became friends on MySpace through my friend from primary school when they were dating, and after we met in real life, were friends who hooked up. After we both actually began to like each other, we were an unofficial couple for a few months in 2008. Hanging out with him is a lot of fun. He hates walking scenes in movies and gets impatient really quickly. He tends to talk about me to randoms when he's drunk, in between calling me to actually talk to me. Lamest sense of humour ever; so lame it's funny. I love him.

Chris- Ex from April-ish, 2009, dropped out of school to join the Navy. There is so much shame that I ever even considered us friends baha.

Italics Boy - Friend from church, into volleyball. We were kinda together in early 2009 before I started liking Chris, who I eventually decided I wanted to be with over him, although he doesn't know about Chris. Pretty nice but kinda annoying. Like a lot.

The Sister - Younger than me by 364 days, so that for one day we're the same age. We're really close, talk about most things, I love her so much.

Lynley - My best friend at school. She is in the grade below me, and I love her so much. I tell her pretty much everything.

Kathleen - known as My Mofo, Legosaur, Saw Lady, and a range of different things. My best friend from primary school. I've known this girl since I was in Grade 3, and will have for ten years by the end of 2009. We've only become so close since high school, and especially over the last year. While we're very different people, our friendship works perfectly, and she has always been there for me. We've shared our highest and lowest points and of course, there's nothing like reliving the primary school memories every time we get together. We go to different schools, but we still see each other as much as possible. She's into friendship bracelets and fishermen pants, and other hippy-like things. We share our shoe size and incidentally, a love of Converses. She hates spending money and it's a struggle to convince her to buy anything, even if she likes it; whereas I couldn't part with my money any sooner than I do. We job hunt together and tell each other everything. Her twin brother is also great.

Bass Boy - Also my best friend. Shhh, I know this is so high school, but yes, I have more than one best friend, and all of them are as important to me. However, Bass Boy finished Year 12 last year, but we still see each other regularly. We have a lot in common but I don't need to go into that. We like hanging out at my house and watching movies like Space Chimps and Star Wars, over and over again. He plays bass guitar really well and is currently doing a Certificate 4 in Music at Tafe, and loving it; also playing in two bands. He's 19 and so, my alcohol purchaser. Loves his gf Tara. C:

David - First guy I had a major, major crush on. Most confusing person I have ever met.

The Ex Ex Best Friend - Cynta - I was really good friends with her earlier in high school, but had some major fights and only recently have begun talking again, it's kinda weird but good, although I doubt we'd ever call ourselves friends again. Click here for more on that.

That's all for now.


  1. Why is Kathleen known as 'Saw Lady'?

  2. It's a long story; I think one day when we were walking to the shops I almost fell off the sidewalk onto the road and I said that it only happened when she was with me, and since we had just watched Saw the day before, I said she was like the guy in it who doesn't actually kill people but causes them to kill themselves. Or something... /shrugs