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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

something positive

I need a little help here guys
idk if i've mentioned, but i'm trying to do this 30 day challenge and think of something positive every day. I'm having a very bad day and i've got nothing, i'm in a dark place right noww, lost in its swirling depths....
I'm writing my story of why i want cancer though...
I guess it could be good, i've been writing a lot lately


  1. i shall sing you a song, to make things better

    i shall sing you LaRouge

    down the phone, haha


  2. yeah well I can't think of one either. For today, or yesterday. I'm gunna try tho, I really am.
    I love you.
    I think I say that so much to reassure myself, not you.
    So sorry.

  3. well something gd today for me,
    i confused the hell out of you for a while
    made me lol =P
    and no u dnt write much at all
    youve only done 35 blogs this month already =P
    lubjaz muchly
    hopejaz havin fun =D
    "dnt worry, be happy
    dur dum dum dum
    lollypop lollypop
    oh lolly lollypop
    dur dum dum dum"
    hav that n imagin me singin it =P