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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Being a house pixie

is draining. Of life.

It's working.

However it's hard to remember that I should be doing all the housework without being asked, uncomplainingly... I'm really much too lazy to be a true house pixie..

I'm still dying.

Edit: however, we do have juice! Which means i have no excuse not to put phase 3 into action...

/That sad slash wistful smile I do... Lol you may not think of it as that, but the way I smile when I feel like that, that's how I'm smiling now ^_^

Oh I'm so wonderfully bent on self destruction for purely experimental purposes... Great. ;p


  1. hhhmm, k
    i aint seen you for a while

    and i have glasses now, ooo yeh


    love love xx

  2. Sorry...
    I've stopped following your blog & also had no idea Larissa's was called that when I named mine.