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Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Sometimes I think she's crazy"

So, spoons. Not the game, nor any other thing. The piece of cutlery. Yes, I am blogging about cutlery.

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The Dessert Spoon


The Soup Spoon
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We all know I'm a bit strange, but here are a couple of my quirks when it comes to eating...

Firstly, there are very few people I feel comfortable eating in front of. I know others wouldn't even think about it, but I hate people seeing me eat. If I do have to eat around people, I try to hide my face a little, as subtly as possible; or with some I will actually move to somewhere where they can't see me in order to eat.

Secondly, I eat breakfast cereal in the evenings more often than in the morning; I am one of those people who skip breakfast. But, whenever I do eat cereal, I will eat it with milk in a mug. I developed this habit when I was twelve and it's not that I couldn't break it; it just amuses me to be able to tell people this. And I do prefer it to a bowl.

Thirdly, in the battle of dessert spoon versus soup spoon (and yes, I did have to look them up to find out which exactly they were), I will, unless completely unavoidable, choose to eat with a soup spoon. I just think they are nicer. (: This has only begun over the last year, but I have come to appreciate the even roundness of the humble soup spoon's "small, shallow bowl (I quote from the omniscience of Wikipedia!)" as being far more civilised than that of the rather more uncouth odd shaped dessert spoon...

And I tell Shazz I'm not OCD... lol.

Soup spoons own. I hate that I use the terms "own", "devo", and "chill"... lol

P.S. He asked me if I could write about him on my blog haha.
No, I will not write about him at all! [/sarcasm]
I need to give him a name for my blog, suggestions guys?


  1. Hey you, what the heck's wrong with being OCD?? Both Prince and I are OCD.....you calling us nuts lady??? :)
    A name for He huh? How about 'person of interest' or 'unworthy opponent'. Just suggestions, but you're clearly so cleaver that you will come up with just the right thing to describe 'he'.
    Love this post and.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. haha, I don't have a problem with OCD, it's just that I'm not, as far as I know at least lol.
    Lol thanks for the suggestions and that compliment, i'm sure something will work itself out, we'll see what turns up ;p

  3. I always though maybe you were a little OCD.
    But then again I think most people have OCD tendencies.
    I know I do.
    Weird with the spoons.
    I've never really thought about it before.

  4. I'm going to go with the second one. I do develop things like that but many go away, like my whole "perfect aligning of sheets on desk" stage etc.
    lol spoons