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Monday, March 2, 2009

Note to self, all those who would be poets

I'm no, uh, Edgar Allan Poe [insert any great poets name in here because I'm having a mind blank], nor any type of poet at all, but I feel that I need to put this out there.

Using long complicated words and intricate writing patterns to speak in the most abstract way possible does not necessarily make your piece of writing poetry. Or at least, good poetry.

Writing poetry is not my forte, it is not something I can do well. I accept this. But perhaps others also need to comes to this realisation about themselves.

Wow, that was bitchy.

To spread some love, why don't you check out Car Crash Hearts, whose poetry I do actually enjoy. (:

P.S. I know I've barely posted lately, and I do have my meeting Jamie of To Write Love On Her Arms [link at bottom of this page] to blog about; as well as numerous other things, but I have not been able to string words together, neither for school nor here. Wish me luck with that. (:


  1. OUCH!

    I don't know about that actually... I do agree that some use the longest, most difficult words in a poem to make it "better". All it does is confuse everyone.

    But then, a poem is a free-spirited thing.
    I write some because I want to, and not really for anyone else. You should to. Trying to impress people sucks :)

  2. Sometimes as hard as I might try...I can't grasp the language of poetry. I want to understand it...I really do and moreso I'd love to enjoy it but often I'm left sitting there wondering what the hell I just read??


  3. JoJo, of course. (: I do occasionally write poetry, and sometimes even put it up here; look under the labels "bad poetry" and "lame" ;P
    I don't think it is good, as you may realise from my catergories for them, ;P but sometimes it is a way i feel i need to express myself. And I definitely agree, writing is something done more for oneself than others; it is when you get the impression that people are trying too hard that any worth their writing may have tends to be lost, at least for the reader.

    Bella, I feel your pain ;P Sometimes I think, we should just look at how prettily the words of poetry fit together, and not even try to decipher a meaning lol, that can be too hard... Or perhaps I'm just not smart enough.