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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shop Till You Drop Part II

Or, Why I Hate My Bra Size

ISWEARTOGODITISIMPOSSIBLEFORMETOFINDBRAS. Okay, near impossible. My mum tells me I should quit with the exaggerating, but where's the fun in saying "I haven't seen you in a week", when I can say "I haven't seen you in like, fifty years!"? Lie? Yes. But, entertaining to me for some completely unknown and probably inexplicable reason? Also yes. And that, folks, is what counts. [And yes, I do use "like" far too much in conversation. However, no, I never actually say "folks"...]

Now, I used to like bra shopping. So many pretty bras. Then... Well, I became the bra size that I am today. I actually hate bra shopping. Bras in my size just aren't that common, and even when I do find any that are the right size on the tag, each bra is different blah blah, and more often than not, they don't actually fit me. Apparently big cup size and small chest don't normally go together. You know what I have to say to that? Fuck you, bra makers, and fuck you, 10DD.

I don't want to wear granny bras! Besides, my mother doesn't like to spend over $50 on one bra, especially since I am "still growing" and therefore, she'll need to buy more later on. Uh, mum, I actually still need bras now, even if I will need different sized ones in the future! Just sayin'.

But yesterday, I actually found some that fit and were average looking. I don't care if no one else sees my bras, I freaking know what I'm wearing and I want it to be pretty damnit {I am aware that damnit is actually properly spelled dammit, although it is slang and thus, shouldn't even have a proper spelling, to my mind. However, even though it irritates me, I picked it up off a dear friend and it's one of my ways of remembering him, so forgive me this continual spelling error thing... Oh and P.S. Mozilla Firefox spell check, "spelt" is a word >.<)!

Average looking? That ain't gonna cut it. I don't want to be average, I want to be above average. Although you wouldn't be able to tell by my school work...

You know how sometimes I say that people suck? Well, people make bras. Therefore, people suck.

P.S. Remember how the other day, I was bitching about Lady Gaga? That said, this cover of Poker Face is freaking amazing, and I discovered it all thanks to JoJo at I Once Was Captain of Whatever.

Seriously, take a look. It's pretty cool.

And, FYI, I'm actually getting a B in three out of five subjects this term. Don't ask about German and Biology. ;P Also, thanks to my terrible critical analysis skills, my English grade would have been a C, but my recount and oral and the like brought me up, and then my teacher gave me an extra mark for some reason ;D Must work harder next term.


  1. "Apparently big cup size and small chest don't normally go together."
    There you have it...

  2. you're right this cover is awesome
    i think i might have been able to tolerate this song had it been made this way
    and not sung by Lady Gaga

    im lucky, i have a big cup size, but my chest is in proportion, it's not that hard for me, but pretty bras are a problem. I just dont really care
    also, do you know how hard it would be for me to find bras in China? Imagine if you lived there, it would be so much worse for you. I mean it!!

    love you xx

  3. Wait, you guys have German class?
    I wish we had that... I would've failed but the idea is making me tingly.

    Bra shopping... don't like it either, only because I have a bigger chest than my friends and I get comments when trying things on.
    I think some of my chicks are lesbos... 'nuff said :)

    p.s. yeah, the cover rocks!!

  4. Bra shopping SUCKS. I especially hate when you buy a bra that feels nice the first time you wear it, so you fall in love with it, but it all turns out to be a LIE because the more you wear it, the worse it gets.


    Anywho, I just wanted to let you know that I've given you my Bloggy Love award. Deets over at http://perpetualsmile.net/2009/05/03/bloggy-love/