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Monday, April 6, 2009

Three days of school left and till my dad gets home. Thank god on both counts.

Yeah that's all for tonight. At the moment at least. To homework.

EDIT (10.44PM) : I'm so, so sick of feeling alone.

In other news, however, I'm pretty happy to have been invited to a friend's birthday celebrations next week, considering that I haven't done anything with school friends in a very long time, least of all been to a birthday party, and I hate that I've let my friendships with a lot of people slide due to, well, other things. It should be fun, and I'm glad to hang out with these people, most of whom I have never done anything outside of school with, because of timing and circumstances. I'm talking crap. ;P I'm just sick of talking about it, really. And I am not going to drink too much and be the crying in the corner drunk he heard about when he was still new. Besides, that only happened once. Never again.

Oh and just found out that another friend, who used to be a good friend, well it's her birthday soon too. Yeah. I really hate how so many of my friendships have pretty much died because of one thing. I can't explain how much that sucks.

I'm really not good for blogging today. My brain is mush.

EDIT (11.08PM): Honestly, I'm just miserable. What with school, people; shit, with life in general, I'm just tired and exhausted and need a break. I miss everyone and I don't have any energy and I just want to sleep for a million years.


  1. That random guy no one wonders aboutApril 6, 2009 at 11:56 PM

    Well you have the holidays to recuperate, and you'll probably feel better once you've had some time to relax, away from school and a tonne of all that stress.
    On a side note, i hate how your music keeps playing, and starting again when i go round your blog :P

  2. Hey :) Just thought I'd stop by and say thanks for following my blog.

    Sorry you're feeling so down ... take some time to relax and de-stress and have lots of fun at your party, hopefully then things will seem brighter.

    Ps: Love the DCFC song

  3. I have so many fucked up issues with friendships in my life. I loose friends to things I wasn't even aware of. it sucks

  4. Daniel - Yeah... at the moment i'm still heaps tense, keep thinking, there must be some homework i've forgotten to do that's due shortly, whatisitwhatisit lol. all the pressure just isn't there anymore but i'm still feeling it... agh. Deal with it lol, i'm going to delete it soonish

    Girl Interrupted - that's okay (: Yeah I'm working on it... And yeah, I love it too (: (: it's so good.

    Riot Kidd - D;< Yeah, it really does :( /hugs. relationships with people of any kind are a lot more complicated than sometimes we realise