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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello Blogosphere,

This is me.


However, I currently have no clothes. No clothes! Of course, there is that dress in the above picture, but I'm not keen for Jimit to think I've gone emo or goth... Unless I can get a white/other coloured belt I'm not wearing it out. Plus it's shapeless without one.

I'm also really not in the mood for wearing jeans, since I wear tight skinnylegs every day for school, and I'm way over it at the moment. Pants are too restrictive. I have no good skirts, or at least, no good skirts that have any tops to match them, and all my dresses are over the top. GAH.

And I'm kinda sick of shopping too coz I barely find anything I want, and if I do, it's crazy expensive.

I hate you, clothes retailers. I despise you. No I am not just fussy!

Okay, maybe I am, but whatthefuckever... ;p

Oh, oh,

Bitch, please.


  1. It really is a gorgeous dress. And despite the black, lacy quality it has; it's too short to be goth and too classy to be emo. I say go for it anyway. That being said; would look great with a coloured belt.

    Totally empathise with the wardrobe weariness. I need new clothes but daren't venture out into the shopping strips. They depress me so.

  2. Ha ha, I so know how you feel! Although, that's a really cute dress and I don't think it looks goth at all. If you don't want it, though, you can give it to me! (;

    I've been trying to wear lots of sundresses and skirts this season, but I only have so many. Clothing is so expensive and I never find what I want, anyway.

    I bought a new pair of pants a few weeks ago for work and they fit okay; they're a little baggy on my thighs, and too long for my legs, but they fit well on my waist. Of course I keep forgetting to ask my great-grandmother to hem them. Sigh.