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Monday, November 15, 2010


I know I never post anymore, but if you happen to see this, please read it. It's such a horrible thing to imagine and if you can help, at least in spreading the word, repost this. There's a link to donate at the end of the post.

"A fistula happens during birth when a baby’s head puts too much pressure on a mother’s maternal tissues. With the blood supply cut off, the tissue dies and a hole forms – a fistula. The fistula causes urine and faeces to leak uncontrollably.

And in the poorest places, a lack of medical services and maternal health care mean that more than 2 million young women and girls go untreated.

Without treatment, these women are often left isolated, rejected and ashamed.

You can bring comfort and care to some of the world’s most vulnerable women and stop the horror of fistula.

Every minute, 30 women are injured or disabled by birthing injuries. And nearly 100,000 women every year suffer from the horror of fistula.

Dorotea's Story

Dorotea was about to become a Mum.

But what should have been the happiest time in Dorotea’s life suddenly became a nightmare.

After a four-day unassisted labour on the floor of her hut in Tanzania, Dorotea finally gave birth to a girl. But she wasn’t breathing.

Just two days later, still grieving the loss of her child, Dorotea began leaking urine and faeces uncontrollably.

Complications during birth had caused massive tearing, and without help,
Dorotea had developed a fistula.

photo of doreteaDorotea was abandoned by her husband because of the smell and rejected by her community.

As you can imagine, she was too frightened to leave her hut during the day.

Confused and all alone, she fled her home under the veil of darkness in search of help. But sadly, there was none to be found and she returned home a broken woman.

For a staggering 19 years, Dorotea suffered with the shame and isolation of fistula before she was found by CBM’s field workers and taken to hospital. Doctors performed a delicate surgery, repairing the hole and restoring Dorotea’s fullness of life.

But there are thousands of women just like Dorotea who really need your help."

The organisation are openly Christian but regardless of your belief I just don't think this has anything to do with supporting a religion, it's about helping these women and I feel like this is such a worthy cause to help out, irrespective of the organisation's origins.

1 comment:

  1. Nineteen years?! Something about that seems fishy to me... If feces were leaking anywhere in your body, you'd get an infection which, left untreated, would kill you. I'm not saying it's not possible to live that long, but I am pretty skeptical. I do agree that there needs to be awareness about this, but I'd be careful where I was donating to -- just in case. Someone could easily have made up this story just to receive all of the donations.

    And now that I'm done with my soapbox...

    How are you, my dear? It's been a long time!