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Friday, November 28, 2008

And when it comes, it comes so quickly

That you're caught in its grip before you even realise it's there...

The rapid descent into panic, the shortness of breath, the racing thoughts, the headache, the inability to focus, the flitting from one concept to another, desperately trying to find something to settle on, or perhaps to go so fast that everything blurs and the panic, the panic which was caused by a reason you no longer even remember, the panic disappears. With that aim in mind, perhaps a walk, perhaps music during the night, yet in the day, when it traps you so fast, nothing seems to help, except intervention.

Outer intervention, a conversation, a friendly distraction. Help me, I'm trapped in a whirlpool, I'm being dragged down, pull me out.


I'd be screaming if it would put across the urgency better, and in fact I'm already screaming regardless, but it's all within, all trapped within, I need you to release me, calm me down, it's necessary for you to know of the turmoil within, only necessary for you to engage, and the storm subsides...
for a time, for a time...

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