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Friday, November 28, 2008

A thank you to my mind

For seizing onto topic and bringing me distraction


what a fucking whore

wait no she isn't a whore she's far too ugly to ever possibly one

The most desperate man would rather fuck his grandmother than her, and pay irving to stay away from him for the rest of his life, if only he didn't drop dead in the face of her monstrous appearance first.

I'm so angry, she sent a letter home saying I've missed a number of English lessons, what the fuck is she talking about, I turned up to the majority of those lessons, waste of fucking time as it was >.<

My mum is angry at me again, but dear god seriously what the fuck you prune faced bitch??? [irving, not my mum, thanks]

She's so cantankerous and so narrow minded and almost all of our English tasks are designed by her with such a bias towards what she likes, assignments on her favourite movies, assignments on poems she thinks are worth reading, stating her opinions with no sensitivity as to what may be offensive to some, unwilling to listen to others, set in her ways and so stubborn and refuses to admit another being right over her >.<
sfoijdsklfjd :@

Admittedly I'm only being so angry and so vicious in order to save myself here, from my mind, but anyhow. This is in general, not the overarching rule, and ashfkldsjflds

Anyway, gotta go do my hair, fun stuff.

Ze Bay and seeing Australia tonight (yn), then Kathleen sleeping over. Which reminds me, I have to call her.

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  1. Hey!!
    Yeah I can read this obviously.

    And how about the week that is 8th-12th but not the Thursday :P