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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A little something for Sam

You may find this image somewhat more hopeful, and pretty... You know Renee, the girl that TWLOHA was started for?

Well she made the cuts, she bled, but she came through. And these are her reminders that what got her through is real:

renee's tattoos,arms

You can still see the scars, but they have healed over. And brighter than those faded images of pain and hurt are love and hope, as words, but symbols of the reality of those things (:

I want a tattoo on my left wrist, not quite like this although I think it's nice, maybe "Hope is not a myth" at an angle on the right side of my wrist, in small letters.. just something that will be an everyday reminder (:

I hope this is rather more pleasant and uplifting than the last image..

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