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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


rah my head hurts so much,
it's my fault but ehh
yesterday - hitting head repeatedly,
in several places
thus there is now a major bump to the left side of my head, my forehead feels bruised but not enough to be visible and the back of my head, who even knows
lol rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >.<
not cool
positive - tomorrow i can go out!!!!
who shall i go out with and where?????????


  1. how about with me? I'm bored shitless at home
    we can go somewhere if you plan lol
    im too lazy


  2. ok, i oculd go out to marion tomoro, but there would be no point, because i wouldnt have any money to get my hair cut, so either thursday or friday

    altho i wouldnt mind doing something tomoro either, i duno

    i reckon we should get on the phone

    to discuss plans and stuff

    and also to just have a general chat

    with someone

    for i have been missing out, but yeh, :P

    love love xx

    (my home number is 8270 7929, if you would like to give us a bell, if not, give me your home number (cos i dont have it anymore) and i'll call you )