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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Never Judge a Book By its Cover

Okay, while there is some merit in the old phrase, we do tend to pick up books with covers that catch our eye.
But when it comes to this blog, definitely don't make the mistake of judging it by its title...
"Diary of an Old Fart" is the blog of a 64 year old (i think?) man and is a brief account of events in his day to day life...
While the title isn't the most flattering, he writes in a quirky, thoroughly entertaining and at times, thought provoking way; never going on too long, as I am continuously guilty of.
There is a lot of reflection and it's an insightful look into his life, I enjoy reading it, and part of the attraction is that it takes so little time, I can read it quickly and still get a lot out of those few paragraphs.
It's touching.
I love it, you have got to read it for yourself! (:

Click here.

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