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Monday, December 1, 2008

! No fair >=(

When did Shazz completely beat me in blog posts??? lol

104 to 66... >.< there was a time when we were practically even... lol i really don't care i'm just rambling.

besides there was that whole space of time recently where i haven't blogged as much...



let's go out and do something (:


ask Shazz or MCS fan ;P

they just kinda go together in my mind, as like, opposites (:

p.s. positives for last couple of days have been fairly easy, today ehhh i got nothing as yet but i'll come back with an edit (;


  1. Sorry, dude, I got skillz with multiple blog posts xD

    And lol.
    yes, LGFUAD sounds about right.
    Maybe not the last part.
    Maybe just LGFU?

    Dude, boredom to the extent that I'm going to my grandparents for the night!
    I haven't done that since I was like, 8!

    i say dude too much.

  2. yes shazz and so do i
    its all catherines fault!