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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hold me gently, I'm made out of glass

You make me feel

Like a star / beautiful / amazing / ugly / unloved / rejected / ecstatic / joyful / despairing / unneeded / valuable / content

Right now I feel good, hair straightened, legs silky, moisturised, wearing a slinky dress, heels,

And any one of you can boost that, or tear me down, with just one word, with a look, with an action you may not even notice.

Do you feel like a god, to have such control, well with power comes responsibility, and I'm trusting you, defenceless, remember, you're holding my soul.

I'm fragile, made out of glass, but am I a glass butterfly, precious to keep, or a monstrosity, hid out of sight or shattered in pieces thrown in the trash,

Hold me gently, I'm made out of glass.


  1. i shall display you in a bullet proof transparent continer to keep you same from harm

    but every night take you our and gently show you the world

    and give you the option to be free


  2. I am made out of MacDonalds.