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Friday, November 28, 2008

Hold me gently, I'm made out of glass

You make me feel

Like a star / beautiful / amazing / ugly / unloved / rejected / ecstatic / joyful / despairing / unneeded / valuable / content

Right now I feel good, hair straightened, legs silky, moisturised, wearing a slinky dress, heels,

And any one of you can boost that, or tear me down, with just one word, with a look, with an action you may not even notice.

Do you feel like a god, to have such control, well with power comes responsibility, and I'm trusting you, defenceless, remember, you're holding my soul.

I'm fragile, made out of glass, but am I a glass butterfly, precious to keep, or a monstrosity, hid out of sight or shattered in pieces thrown in the trash,

Hold me gently, I'm made out of glass.


  1. i shall display you in a bullet proof transparent continer to keep you same from harm

    but every night take you our and gently show you the world

    and give you the option to be free