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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh. My. God.


okay so this is not me. i stress that. and this is probably highly disturbing. but these cuts are so pretty...

Warning: You may find this image highly disturbing.
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I liked mine on my leg, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the picture I had of it.. It was pretty, glistening with blood...

Agh okay stop. :$

EDIT : okay revision. so this is highly disturbing thing. i still stand by that it's kindah pretty, but i can't really stand to look at it too long, it's so violent
mine were better ^_^
sdfhdgjfkljglkfd it's so just, so violent and vicious, yeeeah.

1 comment:

  1. ok, that is just terrible

    in a sence, it is poetic

    the controling of chaotic pain and such

    but it is just manic

    and i dont find it pretty

    pretty would be a picture of a person about to cut themselves, but with a thought bubble saying there not going to,and then next frame, them with a smile on there face cos they havent done it

    but ok

    the blood is ominously pretty in the sense that is keeping us a live, but mm

    this makes me want to cry, and be sick and just i duno

    give you a hug

    (not because i think its you (cos it most clearly isnt, you are smarter than to massacre your arm) but because you seem to show a sense of it being inviting, and in some ways a pretty thing, i find it tragicly heart wrenching, that thats what you find pretty)


    love love xx