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Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick P.S.

For those of you only just recently having begun to read my blog, I'll detail what's happening later, right now I'm too much on edge to make sense
But [the ex best friend] is my best friend, was I suppose.
We haven't talked for, over three months now because, I don't even know why. Missed him so much.
And ahhhhhhhhhhh
kay i'm going to go try my new pillow


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  2. Toivoa... Have you ever considered adding a chat box to your blog. With the traffic you are having I suggest you put one on your blog.

    You can get one here


  3. thanksss manÜ (:

    LitteJ, ehhh it's okay, not the greatest though ;P

    uhmm Ben I added a chat box but is there really all that much point to it..?

  4. Well, if you tell your friends to come online at the same time... Maybe you can chat. LoL .. I am sorry, I know I am trying to argue my way out. Its true there is not much a point. I thought it would be a very good idea, but it just stares emptily me every time I look at my blog. I had seen it on other blogs, full of happy comments and I sob! thought sob! that would be the case on my sob! blog too. Feel free to delete it.Sorry for the Bad Idea.