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Monday, December 15, 2008


is a pretty good word for how I'm feeling.
Admittedly it's 4.35AM and I got 4 hours sleep last night, or thereabouts. No, pretty much exactly 4 hours, I just wanted to say "or thereabouts" ;P
But besides the lack of sleep, ohmygod.
I'm all jittery and aghhh
I never ever saw this coming
I would have expected pigs to fly before this ever occurred.
It's so WEIRD.
SO weird.
Like I just sent to Kate, I'd have believed the possibility of my being pregnant over the possibility of this happening, and I'm a virgin
That's how much I never would have believed this would happen
I'm speechless, trying to explain how I feel when I don't even know, which is why all you're getting is ramble...

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