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Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay, so I realised this before, but

I find guys who are bisexual attractive...

It seems kinda strange,

but ehh that's okay.

Like, not that I'll find a guy who is bi attractive immediately.

Hmmm. But like I find dark hair more attractive than lighter hair coloured guys...

like i love bright blue eyes, with blond or brown hair (blond is acceptable when with bright blue eyes)

like i love green eyes

like having a hot body

being strong

being jake

the phrase I'm looking for is "turn on".



lol okay, sure. :S


  1. Who doesn't like a guy with a hot body...?


  2. haha true. i was trying to think of examples as to what i find attractive in guys and failing to come up with good ones lol.
    uhmmm straight guys might not be so keen though. /shrugs.
    oh and lesbians.
    and different people have different concepts of what makes somewhat hot. my friend loves guys with really veined and muscly arms... which is not something i think of as attractive. so i dunno.

  3. All my gay guy friends think my husband is attractive. As do I, by the way :-P

  4. I agree with everything you're saying, sister. Also, I like the new look of your blog!

  5. Expat - Haha well that's reassuring to know ;P
    Charli - thanks, i still need to change some stuff (: