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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Roses are red, Violets are blue,

But roses are pure white,
Compared to my hue...

Yes, I know, I'm quite the poet. ^_^
To elaborate on my previous post. Yes, I am sunburnt.

The sun in all its glory smiled down upon me today,
And in its brightly shining, got quite carried away.

Uh, please stop with the rhyming.

Why am I so distressed about the sunburn / tan?
Okay, I'm not distressed, I'm dismayed and yet, highly, highly amused.
But come on, I had so much sunscreen on!

With Indian parents, I'm not exactly light skinned, although I wouldn't say I'm heaps dark, like not really much at all... But when I tan / burn, I tan, and this tan is permanent. My shoulders are already really dark from my second sunburn, at the end of year 9. I am now starting year 12. So, now that they have been burnt further, they will become even darker...

So I was at the beach, if you remember my post before entitled "Time for some maths", which was written absolutely shockingly, yes; I had gone to the beach the day prior to that post. I ended up going there also on Saturday, which technically is now yesterday. Thanks to some of your comments and also the fact that I hadn't really eaten much over the past day just out of forgetfulness, plus how we went to a more secluded part of the beach, I was rather less self conscious. Now I wish I had been like, "Ewwww, I am hideously fat thus I shall cover my flab", or, you know, something. Lol. And now, I am paying, dreadfully.

See, with my face, if it weren't for the red nose (no Rudolph comments thanks), I could easily have pulled off the "I randomly have rosy cheeks for now" look. There goes that excuse.

My legs are really tanned and while I was happy with the shade they were before, they are now too dark for my liking. Hopefully it shall fade. Then there is the tan line from my shorts. Thankfully, my board shorts are the shortest item I own, so that shan't be revealed anytime soon / at all.

Now, the major problem with all of this is the fact that I'm actually not allowed to go to the beach with just my bathers. My parents wish for me to wear a tank top over them, plus the board shorts, because otherwise it's too revealing. Which is fair enough. And I wear the board shorts, but self conscious as I am, I pretty much refuse to wear a top because that's kinda lame. And you should probably have noticed by now how much I want to blend in with other people in ways like this...

So anyway. My tan line shows quite clearly what I was wearing. My back is red apart from the white (by comparison) line across it, which is just great. I also have the shape of the bikini where it comes up to tie around my neck imprinted on me. Which is only made worse when we factor in that, since I couldn't find my own bathers, I borrowed my sister's top, which I somehow managed to fit in, so when I wear my bathers next, the tan line shall be noticeable. /sulks

Haha. But it's been a good day. Lots of sun for vitamin D deficient me (:

So perhaps that is why I'm so happy... hmm.


Afterthought, I mean, of course. Perhaps the consumption of certain crappy drinks while at the beach today is finally catching up with me... since it really didn't do anything then. I'm acting just a little bit odd. Having to restrain myself from writing completely random crap in comments haha. But then, that could just be me.

Pulses, pssh. If Vodka Cruisers and beer weren't at the top of my most hated list for fairly different reasons (too sweet and much too similar to undiluted cordial, plain disgusting), Pulse would be there. They practically taste like V (energy drink), and I love V. But it's just like, expensive V. Alcoholic energy drinks... >.< They were a complete waste of money.

No, no, I lie.

My friend and I found great amusement in pushing the empty cans down under the water while we were on the beach and watching them bounce up as we let go...

Because we're really cool like that. ^_^

Not like we wanted to drink much or anything, after all, twas the beach... But waste of money. To all you who have not tried it, I highly (the correct word escapes my mind) de-recommend them...

Postscript (Really, it's not a postscript at all, and if it was, since this is an afterthought, it would be a post post script) - I will never, ever get as drunk as that time at Brad's (to be explained shortly).

Everything mentioned on this blog is not to be mentioned to people, in particular, relatives, who I know kthnxbai. lol

Oh, and so far, all of you have been thoroughly unhelpful in assisting me to come up with a fake name for myself for the blogging world, and the main characters in my life that resurface time and time again in my posts... Sadface.


  1. You know how jealous I am that you get to go to the BEACH while my roof is caving in due to SNOW?

    You say you are dark skinned and I definitely remember seeing a dark girl somewhere in your archives! I have a photographic memory when it comes to images.

  2. I have never seen snow in real life >=| I'm more a winter person, I love rain, storms, thunder and lightning, etc. I'm desperate to know if I like snow. If I don't, I have no favourite season lol. I actually hate the cold of winter, but the rest of it makes it worth it.

    Well it's been about 42 degrees (Celsius) here max, this coming day shall be 33, fine and sunny ;P

    And hey, don't blame the snow, it's your neighbours' fault, remember? haha

    Hmm okay, I shall take a look through my past posts, perhaps... If I can be bothered. Maybe, later. I'll post another picture soon,perhaps a before and during of my sunburn haha. Temporarily, of course. ;P

  3. Ah, twas a picture of me with the former best friend...
    You've read thaat far back? I stand in awe of your determination and endurance ;P

  4. I think I've just proven myself as your most faithful follower. I hope that makes all you tingly inside :-P

    Anyway, I knew I'd seen you. My memory never fails me. And listen to me, little girl. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
    And I can't wait for the day when you realize that.

  5. Oh the tan lines, I could go on and on on that subject ;) I spend half the summers drenched in sunscreen lotion on, if I didn't, I'd look like a maddening, burning red wagon.
    Well not quite but you get it lol

  6. Oh yes, I'm filled with some sort of warm fuzzy feeling that just keeps bubbling up from within. ;P

    Anyway, warm fuzzy feeling or not, you have given me at the very least, a big smile (:

    And also, the urge to sing "Big girls, you are Beautiful" or whatever that song by Mika is called. "little girl. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL." it's close enough to translate into a song for me. I love to sing all the time, regardless of my skill level, and if anything said in a situation reminds me of a song, I find it very hard to resist when I must...

    However, singing Frank Sinatra songs with friends while walking around in a shopping mall is always sure to be a good idea (: Just completely off topic haha.

  7. Jane: I think I would cry if I drenched myself in sunscreen, I can barely stand it as it is, especially since I never seem to be able to rub in it, leaving my face and body shiny, oily, and rather ghostly; not to mention, I seem to get sand mixed in with it while putting it on... never pleasant ;P