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Friday, January 16, 2009

Time for Some Maths

Me + the beach = Me in bathers
+ Self Consciousness = very uncomfortable me
+ being convinced that she is overweight = I either don't eat for two days beforehand OR try to make myself throw up

Factor in that the second option is more likely these days due to my lack of discipline, however apparently if you're going to make yourself throw up you should do so within 15 minutes of eating; pretty much nothing occurs.

Except it's gross. And tastes disgusting.

+ I feel horrible afterward for trying to.

Stat: Calc: Enter:

y = Stupid cycle in which nothing much occurs except building up of negativity.


  1. Now listen here, you. And I feel like I'm having a serious word with my daughter here, so bear with me, but listen.

    I am certain you look absolutely splendid in a bather, irrespective of your looks, weight, colour, time of the week, who is there, whatever. It is you in that bather. You.

    Yes there are people who judge one by false ideals that only exist in airbrushed glossy magazines. But they don't count. You do.

    Be you, true and true, through and through, and the world will follow, irresistibly.

  2. your trying to be bulimic
    well i am trying to be diabetic


  3. Mulled Vine: thanks... I'm trying. And thank you, again. What you're saying sounds a lot like something from this book I'm reading called "Captivating" by the author of "Wild At Heart" and his wife, I forget their last names right now. Anyway, Wild at Heart is about being a man for God, and Captivating is about what it means to be female etc. It's really good, and I want to read Wild At Heart as well, for the other side. ;P
    If you haven't read it, I'd recommend it. They're christian books.

    Sam, I'm not trying to be bulimic. Why are you trying to be diabetic?? Ask Jake, it's not that much fun.