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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Got Milk?

No, really?

I'm currently consuming water and milk at an alarming rate... Not as we speak. Although I am drinking Milo and wishing I had left it in its pure, unadulterated form, that of pre-Milo (although come to think of it, I always put Milo in the mug before the milk... shush!). But I'm definitely not drinking water at the same time.

I don't know if you are aware, but I love juice, of the orange variety in particular. My other love is iced coffee. Chocolate milk also makes it on the list, but only when I have the craving for it. Strawberry or Banana flavoured milk? Nuh uh. I'd rather stab myself in the throat. throw up. Which is something likely to happen if I drink it anyway... Not quite.

Anyway, I have long wished that one could survive by consuming only liquid substances. Think, juice, milk, Up and Go, iced coffee, alcohol ;D; all the very best things are liquid. Who needs food? Call me lazy but I much prefer to drink than eat. It just is simpler. Fun fact: I much prefer to drink through straws.

Although once, my mum bought this heavenly frûche that made me want to live solely off it... /swoons

Anyway. When I was younger, and I don't mean when I was a baby being breast-fed, although I suppose that would apply also; I used to love drinking milk. I'd have a glass everyday before bed, as well as with cereal at breakfast, when, you know, I used to eat breakfast...

I was about five and I loved milk. However, I had abandoned this, one of my first loves, over the years. But, oh baby, it's back. ;D

I just can't keep myself away. My evenings are spent devouring this lovely thing, and I simply have to go back for more. You can tear me away but in a few minutes, know that I will return. I thirst for it with a desire that cannot be quenched. ^_^

Okay, let's stop with the creepy milk loving that is probably disturbing you even more than it is me...

I think you understand. I really like (to drink) milk. It's just, good. Wholesome. Creamy. And since I am apparently fussy as to what I eat, in this hot weather with nothing much else to cool me down, what else shall I turn to? Fun Fact Two: I don't really like ice cream. Or chocolate, just by the way.

I've been drinking a lot of water lately too, litres and litres each day. Literally up to or even over five at some points. Not to replace food... But I just like to, for the sake of it, whatever other reasons I may have.

You'd think my mum would be pleased; at least I've developed some healthy habits... Wrong. "It's no use, you're not exercising and eating healthily. Look at how much weight you are putting on..." and yada yada here we go again. Well fuck you, I will keep you thinking that you're not getting through, whatever I have to do. I'm more stubborn than you'll ever know.

P.S. For those of you uneducated and deprived, this is the only iced coffee that counts for anything.

Feast your eyes and feel the the thirst burning at the base of your throat... This is desire as you have never felt it before.

The best thing ever produced by South Australia
It's "heaps good".

Best ad for Iced Coffee ever. Here is a link if you don't understand the references...

1 comment:

  1. I drink lots of fluids too. But I love me some good food as well.