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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"It's Nine in the Afternoon"

For the record, I am not keen on the song with those ^^^ lyrics, although I am a great fan of old Panic! at the Disco, that is, when they still had the "!" in their name.

Anyway, it isn't really afternoon anymore, but it's still sunny outside. From here, looking out through the window at the gloriously blue sky with great clouds and bright sunlight, one could easily think it was a perfect summer's day. Well, it's not. From our crazy heatwave, we are now in the cold mid 20's... Which are strangely colder than usual, which I think is just because of how windy it's been. One of the many upsides is that I can drink hot coffee far faster than during the 40+ days. Then there's how I can wear jeans again (I love jeans, I love to wear them, I love to even sleep in them... I'm not really a trackies kind of person and I take it to the extreme >;D), even though shorts was good, but to school and with my scars on my leg that are fairly obviously self-inflicted if you notice them... simply, the cooler weather is great. I love it. I'm a winter girl. (:

But the point is, it's still bright enough that it could easily be the late afternoon. I just had a shower so I could wash my hair, since I've been meaning to the last two days and keep forgetting till I'm about to go to bed, whereupon my parents threaten to shoot me if I have a shower at such a time.

Okay, they don't threaten to shoot me, but they grow sufficiently irate, and that's not that much of a leap for my mind, alright?

I am a person who prefers showers at night, but takes them in the morning, before school, etc. See, if I went to always take them at night, I'd get distracted by other things I want to do, and delay and delay until it's too late, like the past two nights. So I shower in the morning, before getting dressed, and then a few extra times during the week in the evening so I can wash my hair, apart from on Saturdays, where I can just wash it in the morning. See, I don't get up early enough to wash, dry, and probably straighten my hair in the mornings before school.

Anyway, so I decided I better do it now, while it's still bright. I don't know about you, but having a shower during the day is something I find really odd.

It's just... strange. To have such a bright light while having a shower... I dunno. Random haha. But to me, it's as weird as there being a time like "9" in the afternoon ^_^

sigh lol


  1. I know what you mean. It does feel weird. Having a shower before or after a certain time. Like because there is more light coing through at certain times and yeh. I find it weird as well, :P.

  2. I love me some Panic At The Disco girl.

    Great post. Made me and my bird laugh outloud. Whenever I laugh, my bird Sculley laughs right along with me (and then HE won't shut up....arrrg). True story!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  3. haha yay, i'm not alone ;P

    haha I'm not so good with pets, especially birds and fish etc, check my other blog for a recount i did on that for school ;P It's not that great, but still lol.

  4. hah i noticed from your blog(:
    and i know, i'd have to say it's my second favorite band, and i might possibly be seeing andrew in april, hopefully! (;