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Friday, February 13, 2009

I've found someone with whom the thought of being in a relationship with doesn't scare me to the point of wanting to hide. Which is pretty big for me. The only reason I'm scared of being with him is that I really, really wouldn't wanna screw it up.
So, I've known him for almost three years now, through church. And I've always known I would like him some time or other, eventually. I could see it coming, and so, apparently, could one of my friends, who has been taking great delight over the last few days in using the phrase "I told you so". She always finds glee as her couple predictions come true, but it's too funny to ever be irritating ;P

So, the boy. He happens to have the url of my blog, so it may be a little awkward if he reads this, but I think it was a passing thing and he won't be back regularly... The more people who I know in real life that read my blog, the more restrictions are added to what I am able to write about, which is somewhat frustrating at times...

Anyway. He is only a couple of months older than me, and if you're wondering, he's not the Cameron of my last few posts. We've been friends for most of the time we've known each other, but not very close, although at stages we've talked more than others.

I found out recently that he likes me, has for a while, at least, and since I fully reciprocate the feeling, I'm pretty happy. Since I tend to mess things up with guys, I really hope this goes well. He also seems to be the most genuine and actually nice guy that I've ever fallen for and had a chance with... Still so surprised to know that he likes me.

He's cute, complimentary; and really, really nice and I know he won't screw me over, for once. And I actually like him and not in the way where I'll get over him really quickly, like I do, a lot.

I'm not sure what will happen and really, I'm slightly too tired and have a headache from sleep deprivation that I can only barely just concentrate on my conversation with him ;P Of course, he's been the reason for the prior sleep deprivation too ;P

More later.


P.S. He's really cute, even when he's being intensely irritating... >;D


  1. You'll never know unless you give him a try dear girl. Try not to hold him responsible for past hurts that he wasn't involved in and you should be okay. Go into it with a completely open mind and no unlivably high expectations. Awww...let me know how it goes sweetie.

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    You just go for it, what's there to lose?

  3. I totally get the "restrict information because friends read" thing. But in my case, it really started with no one knowing. To this day, only 3 of my friends read my blog and I wouldn't censor it for them.

    Just be a bit careful. Some people are scared of true hardcore honesty.