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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You are reading the work of a genius

Oh I'm so smart ;)
My Blogger name is now Autumn.
As to how I reached that, when winter is my favourite season... >;D
I'm sure I've mentioned it, I'm the most uncoordinated child ever. One of my favourite lines in the long-awaited TMNT movie is when the character called Mr Winters is obliterated and is falling through the air as dust, or perhaps an earlier scene when he is knocked out in a fight. Anyway, someone says something about him, using his name. One of the turtles (I forget which, I'm terrible, I know), then says, "looks more like Fall". While this is one of the lamest "dad" jokes I have ever heard, it was startlingly hilarious and I was highly amused. Now, fall is also another name for autumn, and since I fall over a lot, I thought it was apt, but I'd be about as cryptic as I get and go the one step further to "Autumn" which is occasionally used as a girl's name. Yeah, as you can tell, I'm not all that cryptic haha.
Yes, I know. I'm lame. >;D
The end.
I have pictures of me in the last post o.O yeah take a look haha, I'll take them down probs, shortly.


  1. Noooo I liked Toivoa! I have no idea what it meant but I still loved it!

  2. yeah I'm not so keen on autumn anyway... I'm just mucking around trying to work out something. I need a new profile picture too. Uhh my friend put "life and hope" or "hope and life" into google translator and used some random language, i don't recall which. This was when my blog was called "hope, life and everything in between". So there's the meaning for you, and unless i come up with something amazing, i'll revert back to that shortly ;p

  3. I'm going to have to ditto what Bella said. I loved Toivoa even though I have no clue what it meant.

    I loved this post!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl