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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School and Parents -_-


I really am trying so hard at school. I mean, I suck at organising my work so I still am leaving things till far too late, but I really am trying. It's the holidays. Please leave me alone. I have been doing homework these holidays, how can you expect that I do more and also socialise less? I want to see my friends, you know, the friends that I am losing because I barely see them? Does that not matter to you at all? It is not just about school work! There are other fucking aspects to life. I hate that you think I don't try enough, because I do. I want to go on the computer for a few hours because I'm not going to sleep anyway and you stop me because of the time, when I couldn't go on previously because I was doing homework all day, apart from four hours with a friend??? Why can't you understand that I DO FUCKING TRY???

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