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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Ending Unplanned"

I wanna feel alive. More alive than I have ever felt before. So I feel it flooding through my veins.

I wanna feel every touch, every taste, wanna hear every sound more clearly than I ever have before.

I want to love without inhibition. [Everyone, feel free to start singing Natasha Bedingfield now ;)] I want to throw caution to the wind, and cynicism out the door.

I want to live.

And I'm not ashamed of these scars, for they made me who I am.

But they are not “the end”, they are not the “all”. They’re just a part of my story. Just like you. And every moment is a part, and I don’t want to waste them anymore. I am writing my story, and it may not be a best seller. Maybe the main character puts herself through too much needless strife, and finds herself lost time and time again. Maybe she forgets to give her all and maybe she’s not the heroine when she should be. Maybe she makes mistakes, and maybe she’s clumsy (and not in a vapid Bella Swan way) and maybe she runs from reality.

There may not even be a happy ending, but it will be a story nonetheless. My story. And I’m going to live it, and I’m going to tell it. It may not sell, not one copy, but it’s my life, and I promise you, I will make it worth it.


  1. And I promise you, I will read it. <3

  2. This post gave me chills ... literally. Such a beautiful declaration for a life. I'm posting links to it everywhere I can find a place to do so!! Amazing. Oh ... and I'm writing my own story ... but I'll definitely be reading yours!!