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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well, that one step last night back into blogging has me all fired up, ready to write stories and further posts as fast as I can. Unfortunately I have a lot to do, so this will be quick. Just quickly scanning others' blogs, just the accomplishment of a finished post, having sat down to write something... I had forgotten what it feels like. Honestly? I feel alive. I'm so energised to write, it's amazing. Apart from looking after Lingu and trying to keep us afloat, there hasn't been much I have been deeply involved in. But writing was my first love and I feel so right returning. I cannot wait for this. Thanks so much to all of you who do read this blog and especially those of you who leave comments. It means a lot. I may be a bit rusty with words but I'm willing to work on it, as much as possible. Please keep coming back.

Lots of love,