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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jumble Sale

Everything's going for next to nothing!

My mind is tumbling, what a mess, what a jumble. Garage sale --> Jumble Sale, oh everything's for free. These words aren't even worth that, now tell me what I'm worth.

Hmm okay... =/

Anyway. Right now I really want, I want to speak words that will release myself. It's been a bit too long since writing has helped me. I'm really out of words. I have nothing useful to say. And yet I still want to spill out everything like Sam, posting about 5 or 6, if not more, blogs, this evening alone. I want to write and write until there's no paper left, till the letters are worn off the keys, till I've run out of ink with every pen I have, I want that. I would even sit here and type jaojfrklaghd over and over, if only it would mean something to me. I don't need what I say to have any meaning to you, I need to do this for me. I feel like I'm bubbling and spilling over and yet it just keeps coming, bubbling over but it's not going anywhere, it's not leaving. I want to be as light as a cloud, so that nothing can stay within me, things will pass right through me. But I want to have a presence. I'm past that stage where I just wanted to be a shadow, where I wanted to be existing, barely. That lasted about a week, no matter what happens with my friends, I guess, I've still got that will to live. Live properly.

I want to explode with the love I have for all of you, I am so in love with everyone right now, I am bursting with love. For no reason. Hah I had the urge to tell the ex best friend I love him, and so I did on last.fm, idc what happens, I love him! I love you. Mmmm I'm sleep deprived haha.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, aw.
    i duno, i find it soothing to hear a smile being read, lol. i know what i mean.