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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guys, help

i have a task for you. If you each could give me the names of a couple of my posts, any at all, from this blog, which you consider to be the absolute most insightful towards my personality and / or the way i think. If a certain post is unnamed, copy paste the url for that specific post in...

It's fairly valuable to me if you do this
Lol explanations later

Positives for today, omg so many lol

Well english exam this morning, while the comprehension was ugh, the essay questions we could choose from were interesting, out of 10 i narrowed it down to 3, and, honestly, i struggled deciding which to use, i could have written about so many. I used destroying avalon for it and discussed issues raised in it, i could have kept going for ages. But i managed to restrain myself lol.

Mmm then shazz and kate came back to mine and we cranked the folk metal (major lols) and frank sinatra, tom jones, and sweeney todd, amongst the usuals like f.o.b., the secret handshake, etc...
Saw nick!
Kfc for lunch, hot rods ;D
Printed out resumes and shiz, slight moment of panic ahahahahaa for lack of stapler but all turned out fine, saw my counsellor, ehh she's lovely, met up with kathleen and jef at marion, aha omg jef is so hot. We got michelle and sarah their present, handed out heaps of resumes, jef drove us to their house. Today is their 17th btw.
They loved it, we spent just under an hr with them, it was lovely. Confirmed that stephen, a guy in our class in primary school l, really is married, at 17. ! ! !
Ahaha how weird.
Came home.
No fight with parentals tonight.
Plus marion again tomorrow.
Also today was good in that i got to spend a bit of time with kate, which i haven't done in a while.
I'm seeing amanda (small group leader from xs) next wednesday, and yeeeah. (: (:


  1. well yes, i miss you too, and yes, it hasnt been that long, :P

    erm, i dont get what you are asking in this post.


    love you

    and thank you, the hole Beatiful Escape thing was just like, off the top of my head, straight off the bat like, i was pretty proud