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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sea red chicken

major blonde moment
What's sea red chicken? What the hell is sea red chicken???
it's seared chicken dumbass >.<
that's one thing i took away from my friday
yay for Macca's lol
and of course who can forget friday night, seeing Catherine again after a week, driving to Shazzling's and going to Macca's AGAIN aha
i handed out 18 resumes over Thursday and Friday and over the last two weeks have applied for over 22 jobs online, nothing as yet >.<
I really want a job
We got to do something nice, someone left a folder at the table we sat at at the food court, i took a look and it looked like something to do with esprit, like receipts and monthly sales records etc, so since shazz and i were going to coles while aimee was ordering food after all of us had finished eating, since her salad sucked lol; anyway we decided to drop it off at esprit, while i handed out more resumes on the way of course. The lady at the counter was so nice, she was like thank you so much, it's my managers, etc. it was nice lol.
and hopefully i get a job somewhere. haha i should have handed it in and then applied. but nah... plus i really don't want to work there LOL.
positives for friday already mentioned hah. saturday, ehh i don't remember.
sunday, talked to michelle and kathleen last night, it was good, today is only one day to NCIS lol, I'm in a good mood, German exam done with, I'm happy with myself... ^_^

1 comment:

  1. "Sea..red?
    What's sea red chicken?"
    "It's SEARED!"
    Fucking lol.
    Funniest thing ever!
    I love your stupidity lol.
    P.S. Andy Hurley says that Miley Cyrus is nice =/
    I guess she seems nice enough, but her music fucking fails.