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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

okay so here it is

i'm giving it everything i've got
And i don't have all that much left in me, in fact i didn't have a lot in me to start with....
and i'm trying, i'm truly am, even though there's the side of me that wants me sick and stuff to make them feel guilty, that selfish part that doesn't care about them and only cares about getting what i want. And i want it but not from that, not at that cost
I cant quite leave jake alone, but i'm happy for him, i'm SO happy he is happy, it makes me smile to think of it, because, i really really do love him. As a friend. Let's not even talk about how i'm going with school work. But english exam tomorrow, i'm excited lol (:
I love english hah

Oh p.s. I almost forgot... Positive thing for today. After all the tension, the let down wasn't quite so horrible as i thought it might be...
Maybe i'm just numb,,,
Buuut mm what else, oh, yr 11 is over, just exams. I'm not so happy about that though... Ehh.

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