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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I don't like

my current name on here... not your hero, it's from a Boys Like Girls song "I am not your hero, I can't even save myself"

But I made it all anonymous

And I realised that's annoying because my two email addresses which i use and my last.fm profile all contain my name, and my user names for most things is just laryissa, which isn't incredibly hard to realise is my name with a y added in. what bec calls me if you're wondering, since i prefer it to my other popular nickname, lari. pronounced larry, thanks >.< aha.

give me ideas.


  1. how about

    Pain Noir

    ooo french


    or McLala

    Rouge Rissa


    LaRouge Rodero

    L. Hayley

    erm, i could think up more, tell me if you likey or not