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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I want hair like



girl on the right ----------------------------> ^

orrr on the left but not blonde

but different

coz it wouldn't suit me like that, gay

but like, black. and i like my hair short. though i kindah want it long as well. and i'd like pink bits but apparently that wouldn't suit me so maybe blue, bright blue.  but then i'm not confident enough to pull it off in my fringe / right at the front, not all the time. besides parents would shoot me lol. and fringes are horrible when they grow out. okay, so fringe like girl on left, but black. izzy hilton? ehh some myspace whore most likely.

whatever. and yeahh hair like the girl on the right but less scene myspace whore and short like mine, heaps more choppy with layers and coloured bits from under the layers... /nods (:

orrr just that hah

cept i couldn't pull it off, nuh uh no way ;P


  1. i wouldnt like you looking like that


    you are perfectly fine the way you are

    and like, i just dont like that hair style and stuff

    it is too, private school trying to be individual i am socially emo i hate my parents because they didnt buy me an ipod i get on my knees on the weekend i found my best friend over myspace kinda hair cut

    which is not you

    but its your life, i am happy if your happy