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Friday, November 14, 2008

i hate everything

not really, just my inability to concentrate and stay on task etc.

^_^ check that out, before I would have left it at, "me" instead of that ^^^

i'm getting better. self respect (:

also, i decided to do a challenge someone on social vibe started, 30 days positive thinking, to think something positive every day for 30 days and take note of it. the idea is that you'll post it on the forum to keep track off it.

by the way make a social vibe account. it's a website that, you pick a charity, and a company that will be a sponsor, as given by the site, and you put a "badge" of it on your social network page, be it facebook, myspace, etc. And everytime someone looks at your profile, your sponsor will donate money to your selected charity. there are also other ways to earn points. but how easy is that for a way to help out a good cause? and it doesn't even cost you anything! so i recommend it highly (:

spread the word

to get it, just go to my myspace and click the social vibe link (:

hah i made myself feel better by talking about something good (:
however my assignment is still undone and completely not even started. sadface.

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