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Friday, November 14, 2008

Just A Thought

In these blogs, most of us here who have joined who I know, are revealing some of  our most intimate thoughts...

Now would this enable us to like a person more, if this was the way we got to know them, through their blog of personal thoughts? If this was the first thing we knew of them. I think so, because we'd be seeing themselves through their eyes, we'd feel their pain, we'd be led to sympathise with them; while, if we knew them in real life, it's quite possible we could hate them because of how they seem to us... so many people are good at concealing the feelings they have inside that render them the same as, with the same questions, same feelings, or even different ones, but still, imperfections, things that make them similar to us; and this makes it easier to feel closer to them, I think.

Or judge that they are pathetic or horrible, even. But I don't think so. Unless they really are. But as an outsider, looking in on a situation, it may be easy to think a person is pathetic. Seeing their personal take on their situation can sometimes completely change that.

I dunno... I just think that perhaps this openness, perhaps it is a good thing to employ. This honesty. In real life, it may be a bit odd to meet someone and instantly spill your heart, but I think, being honest and 0pen to an appropriate degree has definite advantages. I don't know...

I'm not entirely sure of the point I'm trying to make lol. But, like, on my blogs, it has the option to say "you're emo" as a reaction. these are anonymous. and yet no one has done it yet, and considering some of my blogs lately ^_^...

Another thing. I think sometimes, we let our love for others be conditional. Even if we don't realise, even with those we love most, we can set small conditions on this love. Not so as to completely turn away from a person, but so as to act unlovingly towards them, which is perfectly reasonable, but it is still a condition that is set. That if a person doesn't act a certain way or do a certain thing, we can sometimes act as though we don't love them at all. And since actions speak louder than words...

Mmm I dunno.

also i keep freaking out thinking there are bugs on me... there was a spider on my arm two days ago, tiny but ehh. and last night like quite a few bugs. and since ze spider, i've been freaking out. and you know when it feels like something moves on your arm or whatever and you're like, !. hah it's that, and sometimes like a length of hair has fallen on my arm or idk, just sensations. and i freak. and like spaz lol. ughhh. or maybe i'm insane. like that disorder... idk which one lol.

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