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Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm kindah happy

Vaguely sad, happy. I was looking at Alysha's pics from Halloween, the party at Ev's. Haha got a shock when I saw that David was there, glad I didn't go. There weren't very many pictures. But. There was this one of Jake with Dani. And... he looks really happy. Not just happy for the moment, truly contented. Of course, that could be the alcohol, Sam has told me how fucked he was that night. Probs why he's only in like, 3 photos. And his diabetes was high, I was hell worried when he told me that. But he was okay.

But, if he's happy. I'm sad that's not with me as his friend. But finally... And that makes me happy, if he's happy. Always tinged with sadness, but I am glad. /regretful smile

(: ....

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