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Friday, November 7, 2008

I wanna write a story

Finished my Nutrition assignment. It's worth 20% of my grade, ehh I think I was pretty thorough. Bit worried I was a little too detailed, actually. It's a really assignment too, so did I put too much work in? I have learned the hard way that you can get marked down for doing too much work. Which is fair enough, having all this unnecessary work to sift through for a teacher. But ehh. I'm not too bothered regardless.

However. I have a craving. I want to write. I want to write a story. I need inspiration. I hate writer's block. That said, this block has still let me write my little child abuse story and my, friend dies story over the past year. But come on, two stories, and before that? Barely anything. Sigh. Friend dies one, ehhh. Born of absolute necessity. And from a dream. Flimsy storyline. Realistic enough to me, but not satisfying for a story. Yeah the abuse one, ehhhhh, not happy with the start. And I find it too hard to completely rewrite a story or part of one, having the old way written stuck in my mind and getting in the way. I have had to do it, but ugh. It was hard.

Anyway. I need an idea. I feel refreshed, happy my work is done, just ate an apple [which does make you more alert..], caffeine is still in my system. I am energisssssed, don't let me waste it. Actually mother dearest would shoot me if she came in and saw me still up and done with homework, she wasn't happy i was up at 2, i think the last time she checked. It's fair enough, her and dad are worried how i'm barely sleeping. I told them I went to sleep last night at 12. Add another 4 hours on and you've got it right. 4 hours sleep or 8. Slight difference. Yeah I went to bed at 4. Past that actually. So... =/ I won't tell them why. They want to know. What are they gonna do, stop me dreaming? Actually I don't think the dreams would come anymore anyway. But I'm scared to risk it. And now I'm in the habit. I get more work done at night. I like the night. Feeling like you're the only one up. The only one alive. Like, not wasting the time sleeping, getting stuff done instead. It's kind of... good. I dunno. It's not good, I know.


Come on brain, give me something.

AND GUYS, read my last blog (:

it's long but it might actually be worth it yeahhhh

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