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Friday, November 7, 2008

Lol so,

I have utilised the new feature on here; making it easier for you to comment me. You can just tick which was your reaction,I would have made more but it wouldn't let me >=( Well it did but just they don't show up.
So do you lol at what I say, think I'm emo, and of course do you stalk me...? Now you can tell me in every post I make on this blog, with a simple click ;P
oh i am too funny bahahaha. I am so lame. Hah lame should be another reaction, I'll see if i can fit it in ;P

And and and i have started writing a story. I'm basing it roughly on Bullet For My Valentine song "Ten Years Today" which is about a guy whose friend committed suicide, strangely this happened "ten years [ago] today", and how he's still trying to move on, left with all these questions as to how his friend could leave him and everyone else like this.

la la la. shall be good as i develop it more. i need new interesting topic besides death / suicide. or child abuse. I want something fresh. "Ziplock fresh". Oh Madagascar ftw ;P


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