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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Abandon ship or abandon all hope"

I'm gonna stay with the ship.



Trapped on the sea forever sounds decent yeah (L)

I love the ocean, I love its freedom, its power, its constantly changing moods, it fills me with awe, and a happiness that is beyond anything else, a peace within me, and fear and respect, amazing


It excites me and calms me so incredibly, it is unlike anything else on this earth

similar to rain on a dark night, watching it, hearing it, smelling it, being in it, feeling it, seeing the lightning, hearing the thunder, feel the reality of it in the cold and wetness, it makes me feel alive

the night and its stars, only bad thing about rain at night is when clouds block out the stars

i love jake

i loved being with jake at night in the rain under the stars, perfect everything with my best friend. (L) for ever.

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