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Friday, December 26, 2008

MSN conversation

/fairly meaningless small talk

i don't, really know if i even want to talk to you anymore. i really really do. but it's kindah worse than not talking to you at all
Ex Best Friend:
how is it worse?
because our conversation is shit and awkward dies within like 5 seconds, and it makes me miss you more talking to you a little rather than when i was like okay so i guess we're not going to be friends again, which i had jusssst started to kinda accept like the day before you started talking to me again
and i don't even know if you want to be friends again or if you just randomly start conversations with me because you're bored or whatever
something like that.
alright, do what suits you
I wouldn't mind having you back as a friend, but that's cool if you feel that way
well, i "wouldn't mind" either,


I'm so tense /stressed right now.

not going to sleep well tonight. and i'm getting up at 5.30

1 comment:

  1. I've had this conversation before. Come on, just don't worry about it. E-mail me about all the details if you reckon I don't get i and are comfortable with sharing, but my advice is: don't worry about it.

    These things will pass. Those boys aren't worth it.