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Thursday, December 25, 2008

There's only one thing I really want for Christmas

I'm not going to get it.

Things like that don't come wrapped up. Maybe it won't ever come at all. But I'll still wish for it, each and every time I catch the clock at 11.11. First just a thought, scared it will move to 11.12 before I'm done. Then in word form. And sometimes out loud, under my breath, just to make sure.

Next I'll run around the house waiting for each other clock to hit the same number, and I'll wish again. Just in case, I wish on 10.22PM too, because that's 22.22 in 24 hour time; perhaps that has some magical property too... And even though I don't even believe there's anything special about 11.11, I wish as hard as I can anyway. Because maybe it will help. Maybe.
For the first star I see each night, I stumble through the rhyme I barely know, just so I can make this wish.
"Star light, Star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I make a wish
With all my might.."

It's something along those lines...

I'm not superstitious. But I'll take the chance. It can't hurt. Nothing could hurt more than this

I'd do anything.

Just for some Simple Plan, "Another day, is going by, I'm thinking about you all the time... But now you're gone, And I can't think straight... I close my eyes, And all I see is you, I close my eyes, I try to sleep, I can't forget you."

"And I was trying to disappear,
But you got me wrapped around you
I can hardly breathe without you
I was trying to disappear
But I got lost in your eyes now,
You brought me down to size now."

These lyrics seem somewhat at odds to me. If I could rearrange them, they would look more like this: -

"You got me wrapped around you,
I can hardly breathe with you
So I was trying to disappear.
But I got lost in thoughts of you,"

Or something like that lol.

Mmm love the song. Half Alive by Secondhand Serenade. You have probably heard their song "Fall For You" lately. It's been getting loads of radio play, within half an hour, in three different shops, Kathleen and I heard it three times. In that entire day, we heard it about 10 times in different shops and in the car on the radio. I can't even bring myself to hate it because of all this mainstream exposure.

Yeah I don't know why but I hate listening to mainstream music that everyone knows. Although I like people liking the same music as me. I love the alternative scene. And I don't like the metal scene but I love the music (:

Anyhow, I heard Secondhand Serenade through my recommendations on Last.fm, not through the radio >.<

I'll explain more about this whole disliking radio music because it is radio music later, probs just add to this post.

Hope you're all having a great Christmas.

"Is it broken?
Can we work it out?"

I've never wanted anything more.


  1. "Star light, star bright
    First star I see tonight
    I wish I may, I wish I might
    Have this wish I wish tonight"

    Been saying it ever since I was a kid =]

    P.S. I love you (not the movie)

  2. Muse, Simple Plan and Secondhand Serenade are all great. I listen to all of them, Muse the most. I even went to a Muse concert. It was incredibly awesome. (Sorry. When it comes to concerts, the teenager in me really can't formulate better vocabulary.)

    I used to always spot 11:11, 3:33, 21:21, 7:07, 19:19, and other variations of a similar theme on clocks and watches everywhere. It drove me near insanity 'cause I would practically be looking for them. I generally don't believe in the whole thing...

    I have to admit: In 2008, I wanted a lot of things, but I ended up here with even less than I had in December 2007. I think if you don't look for something, it will find you instead. (Yuck, how cheesy was that?)

    I'm serious, though. I don't think that helps. Meh. Sorry.

    Six hours left until I have to leave for the airport!


  3. haha i know when you get that about something, and you look at it and think, oh that is so juvenile.. but then i realise, oh i am a teenager, so i don't have to speak correctly and right all the time, i can fail at describing the incredible nature of something by simply saying it was "cool" or "awesome". We've kinda single-handedly killed the true meaning of "awesome", which is really something great. Although "great" has been ruined as well.

    no, i appreciate that. oh i'm always cheesy =/ but so many cheesy and cliched things are so true. yeah. this was just kindah about the friends thing again, still wanting to have that back the way that was. it's one of the things that involves a lot of effort for it to happen, and willingness on the side of all parties concerned...

    I'm really not good at moving on. I hate how "high school drama" this sounds, the omg i lost my friends what a tragedy kinda thing. it's not such a big deal. but it is, right now. to me. and that's the way it is. i still feel slightly stupid over it, but my friendships are important to me. i don't have a boyfriend so friendships are the strongest relationships i have. /shrugs

  4. "I hate how "high school drama" this sounds, the omg i lost my friends what a tragedy kinda thing"

    Aye, you would be surprised by the amount of times I thought that, thought that people would just think of it as a "teenage drama thing." Until I realised that what was happening to me was real, I was feeling the pain, I knew how it bad felt. So what if it seemed childish to others, I knew how much it pained me, and THAT is what really mattered. It still annoyed me when people thought of it as a normal teenage thing and that I would just move on, but I learnt to accept that they were forever going to be ignorant because they could not possibly understand how I felt because they were not the one's feeling it.
    It was real to me. I was the only person with the right to define it as anything.
    IF any of that makes sense with my jumbled, simple way of talking.

    Sure, maybe this is strange for me to talk about to you, but it is true.
    And maybe what I'm saying will have no effect, that is fine.
    I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth =P =S

  5. cynta, agreed. i've thought this for ages, different things are of the same value to people. Some quote by Mark Twain... /tries to remember, google searches
    "Nothing that grieves us can be called little; by the eternal laws of proportion, a child's loss of a doll and a king's loss of a crown are events of the same size."
    hope you subscribe to follow up comments

    and still. i still feel that it's kinda stupid, that i am overreacting.

  6. "i still feel that it's kinda stupid, that i am overreacting."
    I also felt that a great deal.
    Not that I would ever try to say that how you feel and how I felt were the same or even similar. But there may be small things in common.

    I love that quote, ever since I first read it.