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Sunday, December 21, 2008

they're really not even neat and controlled, just really eugh
aghhh god i'm going insane
i need someone to talk to me, yell at me, tell me i'm being stupid, just something to snap me out of it
even normal conversation would be great



    email me if you need someone to talk to

  2. I second that motion. My e-mail's on the left sidebar of both my blogs.


  3. Hay, hows it going? Hows your weekend been? are you at all looking forward to Christmas. i aint seen you in a while, i'd like to catch up some time. I love you, you know that don't you. I'd let you punch me in the face, if i thought it would make you feel any better, :P. Love Love xx.

  4. hey guys, thanks so much for your comments, i'm okay now, i ended up just eventually getting to sleep somehow, but thanks heaps for your offers, and i may take you up on that at a later time... however i am currently in a great mood, it's 5 to 4 in the morning and i only got home at 3 30, i was out in the city with friends, it was a lot of fun (: