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Monday, January 19, 2009

It's heaps good

I may not be posting much till the end of this week (yes, I know you're all devastated). It shall be a busy and rewarding week, I'm really excited at the thought of making new friends, seeing old ones again, learning, helping others, and all that jazz.
I finally get to donate blood! I'm really excited since last time I was given the opportunity I wasn't 16, which is the minimum age for donating blood here in Australia. Procedures like that fascinate me, I love getting blood tests and the like. For those of you who don't know, I have a bit of a weird obsession with blood (I'd post a link here to a previous post but I'm on my dad's phone), and also it can help save three people's lives so I'm even more enthused! I also have a motivation never to take drugs (injecting ones anyway), because if you ever have you can't donate blood. Not that I should need a reason but I'm something of a pushover, sucker for peer pressure, etc. Anyhow I definitely want to be able to donate blood, which I can do till I'm 70 hurrah (:
But blood donating is just a small part of what this week shall be about... It is a week where teenagers participate in events that service the community, but not necessarily community service in the traditional sense. There is a bit of painting over grafitti but visiting nursing home residents, clowning, free public barbecues, fixing people's gardens are some of the other events we've got planned.
It's basically organised by a bunch of churches around Adelaide, and I last participated in the eventt two years ago. There are several bases and ours has about 70 teens, plus leaders and organisers. Apart from the events, we will hear talks and participate in group discussions where will we consider the importance of community (which is also important to me and To Write Love On Her Arms) and God and how he can work in our lives, and those kinds of things. Some really important and thought provoking ideas are raised during the course of the week, and I am definitely looking forward to it.


  1. It does sound fab. I can't believe you typed this whole post on a phone. You mean like text type or does he have a mini keyboard?

  2. It has a mini keyboard, and some of them are okay, but with the phone that my dad has (Nokia E75, or something; I wrote my first post about my sunburn from it as well), it is really irritating, the keys are tiny but apparently my dad can use it easily; although I really struggle with it.
    And, just by the way, I can text type faster than anyone I know, and I don't use dictionary ;D haha
    If my current phone had the internet, I'd definitely use that too.

  3. Good on you! Sounds like a good event!

  4. OMG! I had no idea you were doing BWO!

    Which base were you at?
    I was at southwest, at marion COC and i gave blood as well :D

    great to know your on the same team as me :D