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Friday, January 9, 2009

"Kill the Messenger,

I swear it's not me, It's just someone I used to know..."

In little over a month and a half, I shall be seeing that song played live

[Soundwave rant, irrelevant unless you live in Australia, and even then, most probably irrelevant lol]

For that matter, I'll be seeing

Jack's Mannequin,
Forever the Sickest Kids,
In Flames,
Houston Calls,
Bedouin Soundclash,
Finch (maybe),
Alice In Chains (maybe),
Billy Talent,
Bloodhound Gang (maybe),
From First to Last (maybe),
Saves the Day (maybe),
Say Anything (maybe),
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,
Funeral For A Friend (maybe),
Lacuna Coil,
Madina Lake,
New Found Glory,
Valencia (maybe),
HORSE the Band (maybe),

all live ;D

and more if I decide I like the other bands there (:

Yay for the Soundwave Festival (: (:

I hope none of the bands I like are on at the same time >.<

But the bands I absolutely have to see who will be there would be
Billy Talent, Hellogoodbye, Jack's Mannequin, Anberlin, Forever the Sickest Kids and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, at this point in time. Houston Calls looks to be being added to that list very soon...

So excited for it.

And because To Write Love On Her Arms will be there (: I hope they will bring merch, I'll def be buying more of their other style tshirts and dog tags etc. (:

In other news, Russell Peters is a hilarious stand up comic (thanks Jef and YouTube); if you're not all politically correct about racism... It's funny, kay? ;P

UPDATE: I just realised the timetable for Soundwave is set up.

It starts at 11AM, finishes 10PM.

So here are the bands I am seeing (:

12PM - 12.30PM - Madina Lake

12.20 - 1 - Finch // 12.30 - 1.10 - Ace Enders [undecided as yet]

1.20 - 2 - JACK'S MANNEQUIN eeee [awww i can't see Alesana or Silverstein >=(]

2.15 - 2.50 - Forever the Sickest Kids (awww miss Saves the Day. Unless I decide I like them better... There's still time ;))

2.50 - 3.25 - Underoath

3.25 - 4 - Anberlin

4 - 4.40 - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus // 4.20 - 5 - Hellogoodbye aghhhh what do i do... Hmmm Ima go with RJA, coz I mean, what if I end up seeing "Will You Go To Prom With Me?"... lol if you haven't heard it, by Hellogoodbye, LOL wut =/

4.40 - 5.20 - Dillinger Escape Plan... maybe. if i don't try to get in to see Hellogoodbye for 20 minutes...

5.20 - AGHHHH. The Bloodhound Gang (-6.05), Alkaline Trio (-6), The Audition (-6), WHAT DO I DO???? lol. I haven't heard that much Bloodhound Gang, but I love one of their songs, but I like the Audition, they're pretty okay --> good... And I am pretty sure Alkaline Trio is great...

OHMYGOD /cries....

6.05 - 7.05 - Billy Talent// 6.20 - 7 - Chiodos// 6.20 - 7- Houston Calls// 6.15 - 6.50 - Lacuna Coil // 6. 20 - 7 - Horse The Band. I love all of these bands... What do I do??? Wahhh, cut out Horse the Band, yeah okay. Even Chiodos. But Billy Talent, Chiodos, Houston Calls or Lacuna Coil... I don't know. Maybe I could even cut out Chiodos. But that's it. What do I do??? /weeps LOL OH WHAT DO I DO????

7.10 - 8.10 - Alice In Chains OR 7.20 - 8 - New Found Glory // Say Anything // From First To Last

8.10 - 8.50 - In Flames. 8.20 - 9 - Face to Face // I Am The Avalanche // Emery

9.20 - 10 - Bedouin Soundclash // Funeral for A Friend // Bayside.

Ugh there's heaps I'll miss...

but that's still about 13 bands... that's pretty good...


  1. Okay, I'll be honest, I skipped the lists and timetables. I'm jet lagged, kay? :-P
    How you doing Toivoa? I hope you are better than when I left you!

  2. haha oh that's okay, they're bands you probably haven't heard of anyway, they're kinda alternative... and it's pretty much completely irrelevant unless you live here in adelaide ;P
    i'm pretty good, still up and down as per usual, but more up (:
    how is the married life so far?
    hope your trip was fabulous (: