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Thursday, January 22, 2009

So when I go for a few days without much food, a barely decent amount of sleep, and lose 470mL of blood + a bit more (donated blood today!); I am completely mindfucked.
Really. I was talking to some guy today, at the skate park, from the event I am doing; but I forget his name. I went really hyper and didn't make much sense.
I'm definitely lacking in energy at times but that could be because I haven't been taking my Vitamin D and Ostelin tablets. I forget what Ostelin is for and yes, I am severely deficient in Vitamin D. Yes, Vitamin D is derived from sunlight. So that is correct, I am not getting enough sunlight living in Australia. Apparently because my skin is darker it doesn't absorb sunlight as quickly, but I'm still out in the sun a fair amount...
Anyhow. Lack of Vitamin D can contribute to depression, tiredness, etc.
But, driving home today, I made so many mistakes. My concentration levels were shot; I hadn't even realised till then, I couldn't focus on enough things at once. A tiny distraction and I made a huge error... It was disturbing.

Only way this week could be better though, is if it was a camp. And if I got to see Justin more.


  1. Those kind of things happen.. but it lasts for a day or two.. I bet your concentration is back by now.

  2. i have three things to say to you

    1). Please, for the love of God, take your tablets

    2). I miss you

    3). I love you


  3. :) You're not alone, friend, I'm the palest person I know and I live on the hottest beach in the county.