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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're too absorbed to notice,
And I don't think I care,
But I'm looking back and wondering,
What happened to what was there?

Strange, how friendships change over the years. This isn't about them. But with friends who you once shared the same mindset with, who you would speak for as they would speak for you; how does that vanish? Of course, as humans, we change; our paths diverge. With the passing of time comes the shifting of sand. Such small differences can change the course of things so greatly.

There is nothing wrong with these changes. It is best for us to be in close relationships with different people at different points in our lives.

Yet sometimes, this drifting apart does not occur. It is a sudden snap of that which binds two, or three, or more, together (and now it is about them again, and I'm sorry) a break that should not happen; for the pieces still fit together. But one is lost, or the pieces are torn asunder, and here is the dreadful thing. For the relationship has not followed its course. And here is where a healthy relationship becomes damaging. For that which we let in closest to us has the most power to inflict pain, to wound, to destroy.

An untimely death of a relationship is devastating.

But. Changing friendships intrigue me. I recall how we were always together, I recall the same with her at another time. And now you have that with each other, and I am nnot jealous, merely highly curious as to the strange way life works...


  1. Yes, friendships do change.
    But more importantly, how are you doing?

  2. I'm actually pretty good (:
    But one of my friends, one of, well, the ones I always blog about; her birthday is coming up on Monday. That's going to be hard, especially if I see her, which I probably will...
    I think I'll get her something and mail it to her, she'll know it's from me.
    But yeah, apart from this massive heatwave we are in the middle of (it's 47 degrees Celsius today), and with school starting, everything is pretty good (:
    I have to catch up on everyone's blogs still!