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Monday, March 23, 2009

"If I'd have known what you would say, I'd have turned and walked away"

I practically single-handedly express all the teen angst that is tolerable in the world. Time to stop being pathetic, Toivoa.

I am resuming my job hunt, although I don't know what good it will do, considering how completely unsuccessful it was before. But cross your fingers for me. I just want a part time job!

I'm dying without my phone here, kay? ;P

And God knows I need money for everything, our canteen is so expensive, and how else will I support local business in our financial crisis? That cafe really needs my business! And I really need their $4 Mochas! That's in Large, so that's really good... Mmm. It's been like, a week. Since my little caffeine scare. I'd link it, but I really am too lazy at the moment.

I remember the days when we'd go to the shops for a bag of fries I'd share with my best friend. Just like now, the lady at the counter would know our order, but that was a lot more embarrassing. And yet, my Mocha just isn't as much fun as wagging school to wait outside K.F.C., further away from the school, till the chip shop would open; and then stuff our faces with the most unhealthy, most delicious chips... Yes, that's right, we would actually wait for the shop to open. We couldn't go to school until we'd been, so we had to wait... From around 9 till 10.

I miss those conversations about everything. I miss having a best friend like that.

This became about them, one of them at least, again. I'm sorry.

So sorry.

And I mean that on more than one level, to more than just one group of people.

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